Thursday, December 22, 2011

Podcasts! Well, only two of them....

Ok. So, I've been aware of the existence of podcasts for some time now, but I don't think I really discovered them and started listening to any consistently until about a year and a half ago. I didn't really understand how to listen to them. Given resources such as iTunes, it is remarkably easy. It is essentially the ability to selectively listen to radio, lectures, and what have you for free whenever you so desire. If you are one of those people who has to spend more an hour in the car at any point, I highly recommend becoming acquainted with podcasts.

But where to start? NPR is a good place. If you like radio and there are certain topics you'd like to listen about, NPR has a wide selection to choose from. But if you want more than that, you can pretty much google any topic in combination with the search term 'podcast' and you're likely to find something that overlaps with your interests.

A couple of my recent favorites include the following.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

This podcast looks at a wide variety of topics and issues from a skeptical perspective. I think the reason I like this podcast is because it is entertaining and exposes me to ideas and news that I otherwise wouldn't ever hear about. It leans heavily towards science, perhaps another reason I like it. It isn't for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it.

The Infinite Monkey Cage.

This one covers topics similar to those in the Skeptic's Guide, but obviously, as a BBC radio podcast, it is British and bit more accessible as it directed at a wider public audience. The podcasts are shorter, usually about half an hour, but they're packed with wonderful entertaining and informing tidbits. It is a combination of science and comedy. A good combination. The only problem with the Infinite Monkey Cage, in my opinion, is that they have very few episodes available. They had previous seasons on the radio, but none of those seasons seem to available anywhere. So, if any of you handful of readers discover the hidden stash of episodes, please let me know! I'd love to listen to them.

There are others, but those are perhaps the two I'm most interested in sharing. Clearly, I need to branch out more....

In a similar method I also subscribe to the show Mr. Deity. Which I recommend for everyone as it is highly entertaining and ridiculous. Let's see, here's a good example.

(Mr. Deity and the Help Meet)

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today, being the 22nd of December, 2011, is the Winter Solstice.

As we've approached Christmas this year I've not really felt that it was Christmas time. The feeling just hasn't been there. Perhaps because it has been ridiculously warm thus far this winter (no snow and it is 46 degrees F outside - chance of rain). Perhaps because it wasn't until 14th and 15th that our Christmas decorations went up (although they look quite beautiful now!). Whatever the reason, it doesn't feel like December and it doesn't feel like Christmas time.

That lack of feeling aside, I've still been enjoying some of the details of the season. For example, this year the garland around the staircase has bells on it. This is wonderful as every time I race up or down the stairs the bells ring and make me smile. An addition I very much enjoy. They're subtle and not over the top and they add just enough colorful sound.

I was wrapping some gifts and looking at the sticker tags that we had sitting in the wrapping supplies and I was reminded of a Christmas a number of years ago when I was little. I really don't recall the Christmas that well, but having been told the story since then, I still have the general memory of what went on. Essentially, my parents had the bright idea to add some variety to who the packages were addressed to and from. As in, from Santa, to Dasher. That kind of thing. The problem was that come Christmas morning, they couldn't remember who all of the packages were really addressed to. There may have been a method and pattern to the madness, but it got lost in the shuffle of everything else. I'm sure everything got sorted out eventually, but I haven't seen that idea repeated since then. There have been some slight variations, but while they've been more creative, they've also been clearer. Not quite so vague.

Anyway, good things ahead. :) I need to wrap some more presents....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



This is how I'm feeling right now.

Not so much the video, which is weird, but the song, yes.

(Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disco (with lyrics))

Friday, December 9, 2011

Guy de Maupassant

A lawful kiss is never worth as much as a stolen one. — Guy de Maupassant

I, of course, imply consent.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rational? No, thanks, I'll pass.

Most of the time I feel like a rational well-balanced individual full of optimism and fire. Really, a vast majority of the time. But sometimes, every once and awhile, emotion slaps me in the face like I need to be paying attention to it. I'm always surprised by it. Every single time. And perplexed by it.

Silly me....being human....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, I ordered two coats over a month ago on Etsy from a little family run business in China. They have a beautiful style that comes across in their clothing designs.

Upon ordering the two coats a conversation was started concerning what sizes I wanted. Based on my measurements, I'd asked for them both in the Small size. She then asked for my exact measurements so she could "custom" make my coats. I gave them to her and upon receiving them she recommended I go with a medium....even though the medium measurements seemed to clearly indicate that it would be too big. But, assuming she knew her designs and how they fit, I opted for her professional opinion.

At this point it was already pretty clear that there was a language barrier we weren't crossing very well. I would ask a question or say something and while she'd respond, she wouldn't respond to those questions/statements. She was attempting to be incredibly helpful, but not really being very helpful, mostly because she couldn't communicate with me.

But, all of that aside, and ignoring my concerns, I went with the medium. I really have no idea how big she thought I was, or if she thought I'd maybe skewed my measurements, but let me tell you, the mediums sure as heck don't fit right.

So, now I'm stuck with two beautiful over-sized coats. Which I'll take to the local tailer tomorrow. Who I am hoping can do something to reduce the general bagginess that shouldn't be there.

So, for all of you who may or may not be contemplating buying things on Etsy, I definitely recommend Etsy for the wonderful things that can be found there. But, if someone tells you to buy a size that you know isn't the right size, don't let them convince you to go against what you know!

Go with your gut!

Music Phases: French House?

I regularly go through music phases where I listen to certain albums or types of music in concentrated doses for awhile before needing to switch things up. I frequently kill music this way. But I continue to do it anyway.

Most recently I've been in love with Daft Punk and other similar music types. I'm not sure that I even knew who/what Daft Punk was until the most recent Tron movie. I hate to land too much in the following club based on the music being used in a movie, but to be fair, there's so much out there. Sometimes you just need another avenue to introduce wonderful things to your life.

Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Around the World (Daft Punk). This song isn't an overly complicated or deep song, but it is fun to listen to. I think it was watching the video that really made me fall in love with the song. It is so...interesting....the mummies are my favorite.

Daft Punk "Around the World" from Stephan Pilon Lectez on Vimeo.

(Daft Punk "Around the World")

Next is End of the Line, again by Daft Punk. This song appeared in the most recent Tron film. This is the version I like most, but below is a similar version that I was able to embed. Again, not an overly complicated song, but there is about it.

(Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Theme - End of Line)

Last, for now, is Carnival by Milan and Phoenix. The video below just throws you sort of into the middle of the song, but it isn't too bad. This song makes me want to move. To dance. To feel energy.

(Milan & Phoenix - Carnival (Original Mix)

I think that is good for now.

Tires (or the lack there of)

It is funny how all the puzzle pieces seem to fit so nicely together in retrospect. Or, as is often said, hindsight is 20/20.

Oh, well. Better luck next time, I suppose.

Shall I tell you about the escapades of Tuesday evening? Yes, I suppose I shall. Since this is my blog and, hypothetically (supposing anyone actually reads this besides myself), you are my readers.

Let's see. It started with me leaving just a bit early to go to a yarn shop in Newport. About twenty minutes early. I started to back out of my driveway and there was a funny *pop* and puff of smoke but I assumed, as I often do, that it was just me being a tad over enthusiastic shifting into reverse. Even at that moment I did consider stopping to check my tires, but I wasn't too worried about it.

As I headed in the direction of the freeway I did notice something was slightly off. Not very noticeably, but - I was noticing. A little farther along I pulled over and, sure enough, my back left tire was riding slightly soggy. I actually thought if anything had been wrong it would have been with the back right tire (as it has some funky bubbles), but apparently not so.

So, here's the thing. I've not got very much experience with flat tires, but I've got a fair amount of experience with soggy tires. My lovely little car has low profile tires that ride fairly thin even when they're full. While I was out and about in Utah I frequently had to have my tires refilled with air as they were soggy off and on. We never came to a good conclusion as to why that was happening, but the frequent trips to the car shops and the advice that low profile tires were to some extent made equipped to handle some sogginess ended up making me sort of indifferent to the sogginess of my tires.

And that's precisely how I approached my soggy tires this go around. Not a good thing.

I remained fairly alert to the sound of any unevenness in the driving and noted that there wasn't much to be heard the first thirty minutes or so into the drive. It was just as I was getting onto a busier stretch of freeway that I first noticed something substantially wrong. Unevenness (rather suddenly) in the driving, and lots of bumpiness. Not alerts, alarms, flashing lights or any of that. In my mind = meh...I'll be fine.

Not a good indifference.

As I continued on, the bumpiness became steadily worse and began to hear something funny in the way the tire sounded. As if part of it was hitting something else. I mean, come on! What else can that mean but that a part of the tire is coming off?! But in my inexperienced and indifferent mind I thought, "I'm almost to Brandon's. Only about ten or fifteen minutes further tops. I'll be fine."

Really, I'm freaking out at this point. I know there is something wrong, but I've no idea what and I know that there will be help if I just get a bit farther. Just keep going. Just a few more miles. Idiot. I should have pulled over as soon as I noticed any unevenness. Really, I shouldn't have ever gotten on the freeway.

And thus we see some of the consequences of living an easy and rather painless life. Where as any other person who has dealt with a gradual flattening of a tire like that would have easily connected the dots, I, in my naivete and lack of experience, did not. Or at the very least didn't want to admit the likelihood that my semi-worst fears were a reality. I just wanted to get from point A to point B. Come now, that doesn't seem so difficult does it?

On I went with a very unhappy car. All the way across the bridge and into Kentucky. And that's right about when my unhappy tire became no longer my unhappy tire. I actually saw it come off. I was in the middle lane (out of three...maybe four) and had just felt a very different shift in the unhappiness of my vehicle and finally admitted to my mind that I needed to pull over. So on went the left blinker, on when the hazards, and off the road into the middle median I went. Thank goodness I have a fairly narrow car. I suppose I probably should have gone off to the right, but I knew that any issue I was having was with the left tire and if I needed to change it, I wanted to do it as far away from the busy traffic as I could. Just as I was blinking into the far left lane I saw my tire come off and I pulled over about twenty feet from where my tire landed. The tire was actually originally a bit into the left lane but it got budged by a passing car all the way over to the median.

I can't explain the shock I felt at this point. Even though all of these blatantly obvious details had been staring me in the face, I just couldn't believe that what had happened had in fact happened.

First phone call: Brandon. "Help! My wheel's just fallen off! It's gone! Lying twenty feet back! I don't know what to do! I'm going to call AAA but will you come and get me?!"

(Note: When in a vehicular bind, I seem unable to properly distinguish between wheels and tires. I know which is which. But if I'm at all flustered or stressed (or both) and the subject matter revolves a certain vehicle or two, I'm likely to not properly distinguish between those two. As noted in the above plea for help.)

It took me three phone calls to AAA to finally make a service call. Three. The first two dropped as I tried to juggle the operators at AAA with other phone calls I was trying to take/make. The third one worked.

It was about this time that Brandon arrived in his car and parked it on the opposite side of the median from mine (our cars facing different directions, his North, mine South). It seems appropriate to mention that I couldn't have picked a much more awkward location to stop. I was past the bridge and past the exit just after the bridge, but before the on ramp. So the only way to come from the south and turn around to be on the same side was to go all the way in to Cincinnati on the other side of the bridge. Which isn't impossible, but is a bit mad. As to why Brandon parked on the other side of the median. I should also mention that this was perhaps one of the busiest traffic times for I-471 South. 5:30 to 7:30ish. Fast heavy traffic heading south. Whipping by my little car. In the dark. Slightly raining. Misting really.

So, Brandon arrives. I hop over the median and sit in the backseat behind him in the drivers seat (both of us as far from the racing traffic as we can be). I'm not really sure why I had Brandon come wait with me. I think I originally thought I'd need to be picked up. But I couldn't very well go anywhere until AAA got there. But I have to admit it was extraordinarily helpful to have him there to calm my racing nerves.

In my description of the problem to the AAA person I was dealing with I may or may not have once again been off when choosing to use the word tire or wheel. I'm fairly certain I gave the impression that I no longer had a back left wheel. As to why they sent a tow truck. We waited for about forty minutes for the tow truck to finally arrive and upon arrival our Mr. AAA was very helpful in fully inflating my spare tire and putting on my car. The latter part of which I've done before and probably could have done an hour earlier (if I'd had any idea what I was dealing with).

It was only a matter of moments after which I jumped back in my car and zoomed off to Brandon's. I should also note (I suppose) that the plan had been to visit the Festival of Lights at the zoo (a plan which has been postponed). We'd originally planned on that for Monday night. I'm excessively grateful to not have had this experience on Monday when it was raining buckets but instead have had this experience when it was simply misting.

Since our time had now been consumed sitting in the car chatting, we devoted ourselves instead to our homework. What that really meant was that we made a pizza, watching videos on wimp and then watched Princess Mononoke and then belatedly turned our attention to our homework.

Oh! And I almost forgot. I'd noticed some odd behavior on Brandon's part. Mysteriously going to check on something in his trunk while we were waiting. Parking in a different place than usual at his apartment and running in without waiting for me (I was still at my car even though I'd arrived back a bit earlier but I'd dumped out an entire set of dominoes and was attempting to chase them all down and put them away). Not typical behavior. And what was the meaning of it all? A cake. Not just any cake, but an ice cream cake with lovely letters curling on the top that read "Happy Birthday Geneva". It isn't every day that I get to eat an ice cream birthday cake especially for me almost a month after my birthday.


The drive home was rather painful. I tend to go about five over the speed limit at all times. With the spare I was instructed to keep it around 50 mph or below. Thank goodness for cruise control. I don't think I could have done it other wise. Sooooo slow. Those poor cars around me. Only once when taking the ramp from one freeway to another did a ca get stuck behind me. It was so frustrating! I was determined to maintain my speed, but I couldn't have changed lanes faster when I was finally able to.

Anyway, it was fantastic evening. My nervous/anxious/stressed energy in the car, once no longer stressed, bubbled up as pure energy a little later. Adrenaline let loose.

Firsts for the evening:
-Watching my tire come off my wheel.
-Parking (with a charming and attractive boy!) (in public!) in the middle median of a freeway.
-Climbing over the median (awesome.).
-Watching Princess Mononoke.
-Eating Birthday Ice Cream Cake almost a month belated.
-Maintained a speed 5 to 15 below the speed limit for over an hour.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Something New

As some of you may have (but most likely didn't) noticed, I've given my little blog a nice change in layout. I enjoyed the last layout and did spend a fair amount of time making it all come together, but it was feeling stale and boring. So, something new. Again, this means that past entries may now make less sense (if the formatting didn't follow), and for that, I apologize. But I think you'll find this new layout easier to read and navigate.

I've no place for this picture anymore, but I'm happy to have used it for awhile.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thoughts on Awesome Single Guys

So, I seem to know a plethora of fantastic guys...who are single....

...this is a mystery to me. Because for the most part I know how awesome they are. And that they deserve to be with girls who are equally awesome.

Oddly enough, while I do have some equally awesome girlfriends who are single, they never seem to be in the same place as the awesome guys. And I'm really not friends with as many awesome single women as awesome single men. And often it seems like even when they are in the same place, they just can't see what I see.

Sometimes, because I'm friends with so many awesome single guys, I wish for one second that I could make a million copies of myself and give one to each guy that I think is awesome so that I could make them all happy. Because I feel like I recognize how awesome they are and how much they deserve to be happy.

I realize that that probably sounds insanely self-centered and conceited. As if I would really be able to make most of them happy. And I have no way of knowing whether I would make most of them happy. I probably wouldn't. Not to mention that I probably wouldn't be happy, as I have no desire, even hypothetically, to be with more than one particular man. But I want them to be happy.

Anyway, I've just been more aware than usual this week of the many awesome guys I know out there. I know many of you are probably happy and content being single, but from the perspective of a girl who's not very good at staying single and doesn't really like to be single, I hope you all find someone perfect for you sooner rather than later.

*Note: awesome is intentionally my word of choice here. While it is morphed it a somewhat meaningless and open-ended word, because of that openness that it now has it fits with the general group of men that I'm talking about. These men aren't necessarily awe inspiring, but they are still awesome in that general sense.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not the most consistent run...

For all that I go running about once every nine days with varying results, today I felt ridiculously out of shape on my run. Obviously, I'm not an overly consistent runner, so I can't claim to deserve to be in shape, but really? I've run for longer than thirty minutes in the past few weeks in one stint without any troubles. Why so much pain this go around?

Perhaps it was because I was running in my normal running shoes as opposed to my five fingers (which I normally run in).

Perhaps it was because I've mostly been running inside in a warm(ish) room and today I ran outside in cool weather (not that cold, but cool). (Although, the last time I ran it was windy and I was outside and I didn't seem to have any problems.)

Perhaps it was because I felt slightly sick prior to running and have maybe been slightly dehydrated lately. (Note to self: drink more water.)

Whatever the reason, I got about four minutes into my run, stretched, ran for another three minutes, had a stitch in my side, walked, ran for another three minutes and a half minutes, walked, ran for another four and a half minutes, walked, ran for twelve minutes, walked some more, and finished off thirty minutes of running before walking home. That's rough. Not good.

So, I'm determined to attempt to run more often. To try and gain some consistency in my running.

And on a fun and exciting note, I found out today that my mother and sister will most likely be walking the Indy 500 Mini Marathon. :) Hooray!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Musings on a fall morning...

This morning the sun was just coming up as I drove to school. And in the morning light the golden and red leaves on the trees were an array of color and light. That in addition to the glimmering frost on the ground and that slightly nippy temperatures of the early morning and I was quite happy.

Why is it that so few people have the tradition of greeting each other with kisses on the cheek in the United States? It is a custom that I very much love the idea of but have never applied. I suppose I could just bite the bullet and do it. I've no issue being the eccentric little woman who kisses everyone when she sees them. At least not in theory. Between the theory and the practice my inhibitions sneak their way in and it doesn't happen. It is really too bad. Perhaps I just need to move to a country where that custom exists until greeting kisses become so natural that I can apply them more liberally to all my interacts with people, inside or outside that country. We'll see.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of rain. No meatballs this go around.

It's beautiful outside!

Since Monday the weather in the region has been very fall-ish. Very wet. Very windy. Cold. And on Tuesday I didn't love it because I wasn't properly dressed for it. A hoodie and flats is not appropriate rain/wind clothing.

But yesterday and today, I've been loving it. The weather has so much atmosphere! I feel like I'm someplace besides Indiana. And as much as I love Indiana, it can occasionally be somewhat boring here. But not today. Today it is beautiful.

This isn't Indiana, but it looks like this.

Overcast and misty. Perfect. Give me boots, a scarf, a jacket and perhaps a hat and I'm happy. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fashion of the 1950's: Where are you?

I've discovered something recently about myself. I was ambling about on Etsy when I came to the conclusion that there are a handful of very specific styles that I prefer.

I'm very happy to exist in this day and age, with the technological advances and civil rights of today, but some the fashion of the previous decades speaks more to me than our present fashion.

For example, the apparel of the 1950s is absolutely fantastic. For individuals such as myself, with my frame and tastes, the following clothing examples are extremely preferable.

I mean, good grief! Why don't we see women wearing these kinds of dresses anymore? Perhaps we occasionally see them, but why not more often?

Regardless of whatever the reason for their decline in popularity, I'm determined to find/make and wear them. That goes for hats, gloves, and scarves as well. It can be a slow process building the foundation needed by some to feel like you can get away with wearing them, but I'm up for it. Obviously, I'm not planning on wearing them all the time, but I certainly want to wear them more.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, there's been a long break between me last complaining about Utah drivers in April and now. I still complain about bad drivers (and as long as they exist I always will complain about them), but I'm back to having other things to focus on besides the pathetic driving antics of my fellow drivers.

I'm back in school! I'm finally doing my prerequisites for grad school! :D And as such, though I will now have homework consuming a good amount my time, I should have more time to write as well.

Currently (and at least for the next semester or two) I'm in Indiana, and I have to admit that though I miss my friends in Utah and Washington (having to leave two fantastic communities in the space of six months sucks), it is good to be back in the Midwest. So much green! Humidity! (Not always a good thing, but I'm enjoying the late summer.) Bugs! (Good only for the noise they make outside, not so much for their interest in our blood.) It just feels like home again.

However, I'm not planning on staying here forever. Within the next year I'd like to move down to Georgia so I can work on state residency for grad school. Atlanta, here I come (eventually)!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dear Utah Drivers,

Dear Utah Drivers,

I'm not necessarily saying you're from Utah, or that you have Utah plates, but would you do me a favor and get out of the far left passing lane?

Because, really, did you know it is illegal here to cruise in the far left lane? Or rather, that it is illegal not to get over when there is a car coming up from behind you? Yeah, so when you're just sitting in the left lane (or even the second to the left lane) and a car comes up from behind you, if you don't move over, you're breaking the law. Doesn't matter if you're going the speed limit, or over the speed limit and the person behind you is going waaaay too fast. Get over.

It would be nice if you used your turn signals too, and didn't go ridiculously slooooooooooooow, but I'm willing to look past that most of the time. I'm also willing to look past (sometimes) when you can clearly see that there is a line for wherever you want to go but you choose to zoom ahead and then try to cut it.

Actually, no. I'm not willing to look past that. If you do that, I won't let you in. You should have gotten in line with everyone else. Screw you. You can flip me off, shake your head at me, wave your arms around like a crazy person, or whatever you like. You know what you did. Tough luck.

So, yeah, back to the point. Really, wherever you are (except for in the HOV lane), whatever state you're in (as long as you're in a country where they drive on the right side of the road), wherever you're going, don't cruise in the far left lane. It's rude. It's obnoxious. It's annoying. And, at least here in Utah, it's against the law.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In which I embark on a grammar rant...

I've never made any claims to being anything other than an English/Grammar snob. A degree in Linguistics helped make me more tolerate of variety in speech, but it also made me more aware of what is and isn't 'technically' correct. I also don't claim to be perfect with my grammar or spelling. I'm one of those people who has trouble consistently with commas (very abused in my writing) and differentiating effect and affect. But I do get my then/than, your/you're, too/to, they're/their/there usage right most of the time.

Have said that, I don't understand why people spell some things the way they do. I understand text spelling, using fewer letters in order to say more in 160 characters, but I don't understand why people shift their text writing into normal writing (I'll forgive almost anything in texts, though I am one of those people who texts in complete sentences with capitalization and punctuation.). And I don't understand why people sometimes spell words differently even though the spelling variations take up the same (or more) number of characters. It just doesn't make sense. All it ends up doing is make words look ridiculous.

Some examples:

kewl = cool (same number of letters, why not spell it right?)
hawt = hot (more letters!)
str8 = straight (just spell it out...)
secksi = sexy (that's at least two extra letters)
gurls = girls (same number again)

I use 'lol' (in writing only) as much as the next person, but few people actually uses the phrase 'laugh out loud' very often so I don't really feel like I'm violating the phrase 'laugh out loud' by using the acronym. People say 'hahaha' but that has a different feel than 'lol' does. Actually, in general I don't have any issues with acronyms. I just have a problem with the murdered spellings. And, now that I'm thinking about it, I find it annoying when people speak acronyms/symbols out loud such, "L-O-L, that's so funny!" or "I heart that!"

I also finding it annoying when people use the 'short' version of word. Such as,

"Just 'lax." vs. "Just relax."
"This is redic." vs. "This is ridiculous."

Now, I understand if someone is trying to put off an accent in their writing, but if people are just writing the murdered spellings and shortened versions just out of habit and laziness, that's annoying and gets old fast.

Speak and write the way you want to. But know that I'll judge you for intentionally misspelling things.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blast from the Past!

So, I was on facebook, just taking a look at my news feed and not really paying attention when I noticed the picture below. It was just a random picture of an old high school friend snowboarding. No big deal. But then I had a double-take! My brain wanted me to remember something! Something familiar about this picture.

But before I spoil it and confess where my nerdy mind went (although, honestly, you might not have been able to help but look, seeing as how this screen isn't usually long enough to hide much of the rest of the post), let me ask, does this picture make you think of anything in particular? Anything at all? Anything specific?

I mean, come on! It is practically shouting at you! Can't you hear it?

Ok, now that you've about it, I'll tell you what it made me think of.



...(trying to increase the distance so maybe, just maybe, you won't be able to see my answer before you think about it)




...(just a bit more, and if that isn't enough, oh well...)


Ok. It made me think of this game. (Haha! Didn't spoil it after all! Well, not yet...)

I mean, come on, didn't it make you think of that too?

And for all of you who didn't feel like following my link, these are the images that flashed before eyes when I saw the above picture.

And at some point, truly inevitably,

That darn abominable snowman. How we hate him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good News! Ireland here I come! awhile....

Guess what! Guess what!

I'm going to run a marathon!

That's right! I know! Me!


I've been thinking about running a marathon (with Lauren, one of my awesome cousins) since I was in Ireland this last September, but I only just finally registered today to run one this next September.

And where will said marathon be?

In Ireland.


Where in Ireland?

Along the cliffs of Moher.

Yeah, I don't think it gets much better than that.

Anyway, I've got a running schedule all figured out for the half-marathon in May and the marathon in September, so I'm feeling pretty pumped at the moment.

While I was registering I had to select what country I was from and the options made me laugh.

Here they are:

So tell me, which do you select if you're from....say, Canada? Or from....anywhere on the South American continent? Mexico?

I like how if you're not from Ireland or the UK, you're automatically labeled as being from the "Rest of Europe." Lol....

My answer was pretty simple, but some poor soul out there from Argentina who badly wants to run a marathon in Western Ireland is going to run into a bit of a predicament.

Anyway, now I just have to figure out flights, lodging, food, all of that. No big deal...


There is a good possibility that I'll be taking classes this next September, and that the marathon will interfere with my classes a bit, but I figure that this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I have a few small regrets about opportunities like this in the past that I didn't grab a hold of, and I don't want to make that mistake again. So here goes! Wish me luck!

2011: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Officially, I've been writing on this blog for over a year now!

Looking back a year ago, here were my resolutions for 2010:

Resolution: Write more in my journal (at least six out of seven days a week).
Outcome: Failed. Haha...I did write more, at least for awhile, but things came to a grinding halt in the last four months. Yeah....

Resolution: Run more (at least three days a week).
Outcome: Partially accomplished. First part of the year (January/February) went well. March/April, so-so. May, good. June/July/August, ok. September, October, ok. November/December, almost none. There was improvement, overall, but not enough.

Resolution: Not buy ice cream or licorice.
Outcome: Improvement, but still failed. I don't recall the last time I bought ice cream....although I still consumed a great deal of it. Licorice, very rarely. But they both still disappear at lightning speed.

Resolution: Finish my undergraduate.
Outcome: Accomplished. Yay!

Resolution: Visit Oklahoma.
Outcome: Accomplished. Victory, baby!

So, not too bad, but not perfect.

This coming year?


-Run, run, run! More, and more! And I'll tell you why in the next post. I'm thinking six miles a week in January, at least ten miles a week in February, at least sixteen miles a week in March, at least twenty a week in April (maybe more), May is a little hazy because I have a race, at least twenty a week in June, at least twenty a week in July, at least twenty-eight a week in August, September is also a bit hazy, and then tapering a bit from there, with at least sixteen a week for the rest of the year. That doesn't seem too bad. I guess we'll see....

-Solidify plans for grad school. Prep for registration (a.k.a pre-reqs and clinic hours). Maybe register for grad school? (Those all sound like very do-able things...but also scary things...)

If I were to accomplish those two things, I'd be pretty happy....but since two seems like too few to have...(haha, two, too, to)...maybe I'll come up with a few more and post them later.

But for now, that's that!

Happy New Year! 2011, it is going to be great.