Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Suits and Flannal Whisps...

Ok, back in early November (approximately the 7th), one of my girl friends, Jeanene (Amy!), asked (half jokingly) whether I wanted to run a Santa 5K with her on Black Friday. And I teased her back by saying "Sure! Why not?"

And so we both registered for the Provo race and started preparing for the little run.

The week of the race I picked up our packets (and outfits). We had both selected the 'Small' size because neither of us are very large individuals, and we had been warned that the sizes were mens sizes. So we went with the small. However, the day before the race...or maybe even the day of the race, I tried on my suit. Now, once you get past the fact that these suits were super-duper flimsy flannel, shed everywhere, and were basically 100% ridiculous, they were also really small. As in, I could get into it, but I didn't want to move at all for fear of ripping the delicate fabric.

So, when we'd both arrived at the race, day of, I went up to the check-in desk and asked if they had any larger suits....and they did! I tried the medium on and it was still a little too snug, so I asked for a large. The lady helping us laughed because that was the size that she would have recommended us, but some previous runner had been offended when she had recommended that size.

All set with our new suits, we donned the pants, jackets, hats, beards, and belts. Did I mention it was cold? Yeah. Really cold. (Of course later, once we got running, that wasn't a problem, but in that moment, not cool!)

And then before too much longer, we left our gear with the Joey, and ran off to circle the area three times! And there were llamas! For the parade!

All in all, in was a fun experience, but I think I'll pass next time. I'd rather have received an awesome shirt for the race rather than a crappy suit (which I chucked). Plus, those silly suits shed everywhere and I constantly seemed to be fishing little whisps out of my mouth! No thank you...

...but it was fun. :)

I think I'll opt for one of those zombie runs in late October, or maybe a Guy Fawkes run in early November...I'd rather be wearing either of those costumes than a crappy Santa suit. But, if by some chance I do end up wanting to run the Santa run again, Jeanene and I have agreed that we'll have to come up with a sexy Santa outfit....none of the stuff. :)

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