Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snowflakes That Stay On Your Nose and Eyelashes

Enjoying the snow. Kyle took this picture.

Today was my first day of snow this season. And it was quite lovely. I took a short nap late in the morning and when I came out to eat lunch, it was snowing! And there was a roaring fire in the stove, crackling and popping merrily.

Off driving through the snow I enjoyed the little diamond flecks as they raced by my window, hurrying in another direction, flying to join their companions to coat the ground in a thin layer of clean white fluff. It occurred to me while I was driving that I didn't have a window scraper in my car (yet) which could possibly lead to some small trouble leaving work later.

At work we took some of the children outside for a little bit and while they ran around in the falling snow we threw snow balls at the beams of the structure we were standing under (I hit it on my second shot, and then repetively in the same spot the next several times...yeah, I'm kind of a good shot... :) ) until our hands grew too cold, at which point we hustled everyone back inside.

On my way home a little later, in the evening after it was dark, the snow was still glistening past me, and as the song below played on the radio, I laughed at the Christmasy thoughts that floated in my mind. Which is odd for me, because I usually try to push those thoughts away until at least past Thanksgiving. But this time around, I just enjoyed the wonderful ambiance of the snow and of the beauty of winter.

(Frank Sinatra - I've got you under my skin)

I love winter.

And did I mention why I love winter?

Because of hot chocolate, roaring fires, warm coats, long scarves, fitted gloves, tall boots, steaming muffins, fresh cinnamon rolls, glowing candles, elegant hats, snowball fights, hot tea, gooey cookies, delicious soup, white landscapes, brisk walks, abundant holidays, gleaming icicles, outdoor ice skating rinks, melting snowflakes on eyelashes (I know...makes you think of a certain song from a certain musical...), cross country skiing (and downhill skiing), thick blankets, baggy hoodies, fuzzy socks...what isn't there to love? If you're cold (which it is likely you will be) there are a million ways to warm up and a million things to enjoy while you're warming up.

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