Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rather common, in point of fact...

This morning at our book group we were all sitting around talking about our book and I noticed that my purse was on the other side of me sort of by the next person over to left's feet. I felt a little bad that it was sort of in the way but I didn't have the presence of mind in that moment to reach over and grab it. On with the discussion.

Ten minutes later I wanted my chapstick so I reached over and grabbed my purse (oddly light...) and unzipped it and noticed a weird blue paper sticking out of it.

Give it...two more seconds.


That's weird.

This isn't my stuff.

But this is definitely my purse.

Although....I don't normally put it over there...wait...

Wait a minute! My purse is right here on my right side! What?...How?


Yeah. We just had the same exact purse. And it was surprising, but also surprisingly...unsurprising. I've seen the purse advertised all over lately. I got it the first time I saw it...but now...it's rather common. Which doesn't change it being a good purse, just not a very unique one.

Actually, what the whole situation sort of made me think of was that story about the man with the bag of cookies (you know...that one story with the man who buys a bag of cookies and goes and sits down at a bench and a stranger sits down too and starts eating his cookies and they take turns eating the cookies and the guy gets madder and madder as the stranger continues to eat the cookies, only to realize after the stranger has left that they were eating the stanger's cookies all along and that his cookies are all whole and uneaten hiding underneath the newspaper). If my left hand neighbor had noticed me grabbing her bag and opening it up before I realized it wasn't mine, what would she have thought? I would have thought it was very strange.

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