Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Restaurants

We were in Okanogan, Washington today. I finally got a temporary plate for my little car. That sounds so nice, so simple, getting a temporary plate. But it wasn't. It was a headache. A week long headache. I don't get frustrated too often, and there aren't that many topics that set me off. But, after a week of trying to get these ridiculous plates figured out (car bought in New Jersey, current owner in Indiana (love you, Dad), actual address in Washington, combine all the laws for Washington and Indiana, include all the paperwork, include varying opinions on what we can and cannot do, include awkward hours of operation), talking about them for five minutes made me frustrated and cross. And that's why I'm so happy to finally have a temporary plate! :D

Anyway, we were in Omak actually around lunch time. We went to this adorable little place called the Breadline Cafe. The interior design just really called out to my personality. There were old pictures on the wall, and a few paintings. In my mind I wanted to say, "This is sort of steam punk," but it wasn't really. There wasn't any futuristic anything. And not too much Victorian influence. Instead, it was sort of homey, and french, and bronze, and brass, and eclectic, and 50's. In the restroom there were newspaper clippings and pictures on the stall door. It was just details like that which made the place wonderful. There was a kind of lived-in feeling. Anyway, I'd go back just for the atmosphere and environment, but also for the food.

I ordered a Caprese Melt (Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, on pesto/french bread) and it was quite delicious. And if I had been hungry for dessert (which I wasn't) I probably would have ordered the Tirimisu Crepe. Next time. I'll have to go back just to get that. Although, with all the other items on the menu, and the bakery in the back, I'm sure I could come up with all kinds of reasons to go back.

Here's a link for the Cafe.

Another random restaurant on my list dates back to this summer when we were in Detroit. I don't remember how we ended up where we did, but went to this little place called Mezza - Mediterranean Grill (on Orchard Lake Road). It was fantastic. Really good. I can't even remember exactly what kind of cuisine it was, but we had way too much food and couldn't keep the leftovers because we were flying out in the morning.

Ok. Here's the link. If you're ever in Detroit, it is definitely worth your time. A little blurb I stole from the website sort of describes it,
At our restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy the diverse delicacies of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and the Middle East. Whether you are sharing our world's famous hummus, our nature's freshest fruits in our Elixirs, or enjoying our succulent marinated lamb chops, our friendly staff is here to serve you.

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