Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grammar Snob? Well, sort of....but not really.

I read blogs for a long time before I decided to start one.

Now, you should know, that while I'm far from perfect at either grammar or spelling (I tend to abuse my use of commas), I'm a little bit of a grammar snob. I won't tell you when you do/say something wrong (unless I think it is funny and I think you'll find it funny too), but I'll notice. Almost every time, I'll notice.

I even tend to text and message in full and complete sentences. With capitalization and periods. So, yeah....now you know. I won't think less of you for your lack of grammar/full word usage in those contexts, but I'll still try not to do it myself.

So, (back to blogs) when reading all these blogs I always wanted to know how all these errors slipped through. It didn't seem like it would really be that difficult to get it right.

That's what I thought before.

Not so much anymore. Why? Because I find myself doing the exact same things. I'll miss a letter on the end of a word. I'll accidentally use the wrong "there" (sin above all sins). And I don't even realize most of these errors until I glance back through my posts a few days later. Or I don't notice them at all. It is slightly mind boggling.

Why does this happen? I think it happens most often because we are writing, editing, adding bits, writing some more, adding a few more bits, and at the end, maybe roughly proofreading it (maybe) before publishing it. Of course, I suppose it might depend on how much you blog. If you write a lot, you probably don't spend as much time proofreading. If you only write occasionally, you might catch more of those errors. Or not.

Whatever the case, writing a blog has at least helped me to soften my opinion towards those people who make mistakes in their blog writing.

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