Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing Peanuts and Pranks

Another random artifact for the day. I try not to post new finds too close together, but I must be a little bored today.

My freshman year of college we started a mild prank war with some of our close guy acquaintances. Mild as in, I can't really remember much of what we did. A few short-sheeted beds, or toothpicks in the mattress under the fitted sheet (That one sounds really bad, but the beds were never intended to be lain on while they had toothpicks in them. It was purely for the visual look, plus the annoyance of having to pull each individual toothpick out of the mattress.). Some times the pranks were against our female cohorts, but most of the time they women vs. men.

On one occasion we blocked up the window of some fellow dorm roomies with snow. They were on the first floor and the ledge outside each window was wide enough for us to pack snow against the window. So we did. From the inside it looked (sort of) like there was snow all the way up to the top of their window.

Another time, probably in response to some other prank (I believe it was a series of items that were exchanged without the owner's awareness), we snuck into the guy's dorm room and filled it half way with balled up newspaper. It took a long time, and we didn't have that much time, so it was an event filled with nervous energy as worked as quickly as we could to complete out task without getting caught. If we had really been thinking we would have brought in bags of pre-balled newspaper and just dumped it. Speaking of that, the guys somehow heard about what we were doing so we had to make a quick get away at some point. The timing had to be precise because the dorms only had in-room visiting hours for about two hours twice a week. We raced back to our dorm and glorified in our triumph for a few minutes. But we weren't thinking about the fact that visiting hours weren't quite over. We were in some other dorm room in our hall and I went out to walk back to my room and I saw this same group of guys with a bunch of bags of newspaper trying to convince our R.A. to let them into one of my friend's room. Realizing what they were trying to do, I raced to prevent them from entering and they proceeded to dump the contents in the hall and escape without immediate retribution. So we had a little party in the paper pile.

Actually it was kind of funny, because it worked out well for us. There was a recycling contest going on at that time in the dorms and we had a ton of folded paper that we hadn't balled up in time, as well as all the paper we had balled up. So, needless to say, we won the recycling contest that semester. And had another party.

With that prank in mind, I was stumbling across the internet and found this little gem of an idea.

Take a look at it. It really is pretty perfect because it requires less work and clean up, but looks fabulous regardless. Plus, you have to admit, if you were the poor sucker who had the prank played on you, wouldn't you want to leave it up for awhile? I would. What better way to make all your coworkers wish that they had been the one pranked. Coolest office ever.

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