Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good Times on the Road

I just got back from taking my little sister and her friend to a book fair in Indianapolis. We came back with a number of books.

On the way back as we were driving, I was rocking out to my music, and my sister and her friend were in the back reading. About fifteen minutes from our exit I passed a car on the right because they were cruising in the left lane. I glanced at them as I passed by, since I'm always curious as to why people cruise in the left lane when there is no one in the right lane. It was just two guys in their mid-twenties doing their own thing. No cell phones or food or anything like that. I continued on in the right lane and realized after a short time that they weren't falling behind me but were instead keeping pace with me, although just a smidge behind me. As in, their front passenger side window was about even with my back passenger windows. I laughed, realizing the cause. Smiling to myself, I minded my own business and sang along to my music as they inched forward and backward, all the while generally keeping pace with me. After awhile of doing this they finally inched forward enough for me to once again glance in their window, at which point they waved, and I waved back.

At this point they dropped back but kept pace. I was using cruise control, so all the speed variations were completely up to them. After a minute or two behind me, they picked up their pace and came even with me. The passenger side guy held up a little white board which said,

"Lookin' good."

I smiled, laughing, and mouthed a "Thanks" to them. It must have given them courage because they slowed down again and came back a few minutes later with a sign that said,

"Going to Cincinnati?"

To which I smiled and sadly shook my head. We'd mostly just been passing cars but another car had finally caught up with us so I slowed down and the guys got over in front of me and the car whizzed past us.

I realized right around then, that my exit was coming up, so I sped up a little and brought myself even with them again to wave goodbye. However, they passenger side guy held up a sign that said,

"My name's Michael. What's your name?"

I laughed again, but this time just at the sheer absurdity of the question. How was I supposed to answer? I indicated my problem and the guy mouthed "Mouth it," which I then did, realizing that there was very little chance that they would get it right, since my name isn't an overly common one. Just as they were attempting to verify my name, my exit came and I waved, and off they went.

I'm fairly certain that both my sister and her friend were completely oblivious to the entire exchange, which I didn't really mind.

Next time I go for a long drive I'll need to bring a white board with me. It certainly seemed like an excellent method to quell the empty moments of a drive, for everyone involved. :)

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