Friday, June 25, 2010

The Extensive List or Caroline Stevermer and Patricia C. Wrede: Being the Transformation of a Freakin' Long List to Something More Manageable

Ok. I just spent about half an hour working on a post that was going to list twenty five of my favorite books, but as I was writing it I realized that great percentages of it were devoted to one or two authors. So, instead, I'm just going to talk about (list books by) one author at a time. Or maybe two in one post.

First, Caroline Stevermer.

- A College of Magics
- A Scholar of Magics

Both of these books are pretty interesting, and there is even a third (When the King Comes Home) that I've read, but don't recall being particularly impressed by. I liked them because they presented an interesting plot along with a somewhat unique look at the whole fantastical idea of magic. Magic was presented as a science, but one that was never blatantly taught. Sort of. Anyway, it was a refreshing look at something so common to the genre.

Second, Patricia C. Wrede.

- Dealing with Dragons
- Searching for Dragons
- Calling on Dragons
- Talking to Dragons
- The Book of Enchantments

Patricia C. Wrede (I could probably just refer to her as Wrede, but in my mind her entire name is what triggers the recognition of her work.) has written a number of other books, but it was this series, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, that I originally read a long time ago. They're filled with personality and once again there is an attempt to describe magic rather than just assuming that it always works.

And third, the combination of Caroline Stevermer and Patricia C. Wrede.

-Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot: Being the Correspondence of Two Young Ladies of Quality Regarding Various Magical Scandals in London and the Country
-The Grand Tour or The Purloined Coronation Regalia: Being a Revelation of Matters of High Confidentiality and Greater Importance, Including Extracts from the Intimate Diary of a Noblewoman and the Sworn Testimony of a Lady of Quality
-The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After: Being the Private Correspondence Between Two Prominent Families Regarding a Scandal Touching the Highest Levels of Government and the Security of the Realm

The names alone make me smile. The first book is the best, although I also enjoyed the second two. The authors wrote the first one by actually writing letters to each other (which gives the book a fantastic quality) and then got together after to sort out the details and turn in into a cohesive thing. It is one of my favorites.

When I was in high school one of my best friends moved off to another state and I decided that it would be amusing to try something similar with her. However, I excel at letter writing and enjoyed trying my hand at storytelling but it wasn't really her thing. So I wrote lots of letters and got a few in return. I even sent a package at some point with a scarf in it to match the plot. The idea was wonderful, but the realization not as much. I'd like to try it again some day though.

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