Monday, March 1, 2010

Cymru am byth!

Happy Saint David's Day!

One of many holidays that gets little to no attention, St. David's Day has become one of those a little closer to my heart as I've studied Welsh over the last few years. St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and as such, St. David's Day is a day now devoted to the celebration of Wales. Basically, it is similar in many ways to St. Patrick's Day, but rather than being a day devoted to Ireland, it is Welsh.

There aren't many traditions associated with it here in the states, but every year those somewhat obsessed with everything Welsh gather and compare stories of Welsh travels and escapades in the past. We eat Welsh cakes and make Welsh love spoons out of gingerbread. Nothing too fancy, but the idea is there.

So, enjoy another subtle holiday and sing some Welsh songs and remember, Wales forever!


  1. They just mentioned this on NPR! I should be wearing a leek around today on my coat.

  2. I had leek soup tonight! And Welsh cakes! It was all quite delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. :)