Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holidays Galore

In one of my classes yesterday (I'm currently an intern teaching English as a second language) I asked my students what they had been up to over the long weekend. I then started pointing out holidays, such as Saint Valentine's Day and President's Day and realized that this was a pretty busy holiday weekend, in more ways than just those two.

So, Sunday (the 14th) we had Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year (End Year of Ox, begin Year of Tiger). My two Taiwanese students had me convinced that it was on Friday, but unless I misunderstand every other source I looked at, it was on Sunday.

Monday (the 15th) was President's Day. I don't mind celebrating George Washington's birthday, especially when it means a day off from class!

Tuesday (the 16th) was Fat Tuesday/Pancake Day/Mardi Gras. I didn't gorge on pancakes this year, but I have in past years.

Wednesday (today, the 17th) is Ash Wednesday.

Basically, there just seemed to be too many holidays to ignore. I'm not sure I did any of them justice, since they were all so close to one another, and I wasn't entirely aware of about half of them, but it is nice to think about them, at least a little bit. Look forward to your holidays, because what's the harm in enjoying each day just a little bit more, for one random reason or another?

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