Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moving Sidewalks

So, as I was traveling back to school I had the opportunity to walk through two different airports. There are many steps to making your way through an airport including check-in, security, transportation, lots of waiting, concluding with the actual boarding process.

As I was walking through the airport today it occurred to me that one of my favorite things to do when at the airport is to use the moving sidewalks. It is amazing that you can be walking just normally but moving twice as fast since the ground beneath you is moving as well. And when you get off it often comes as a little shock how slowly you were going before you used the moving sidewalk.

In order to get the full effect out of using moving sidewalks I like to imagine that I'm traveling at a fast speed when walking, but that when I get on the moving sidewalk I've moved into warp speed. So that sudden stop when everything catches up to me (when I get off the moving sidewalk) makes sense.

Anyway, since traveling can sometimes be very draining I recommend enjoying the little details! Take advantage of that warp speed!

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