Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Did I mention that I love me roommates?

This last semester I had a parking spot under my building which I purchased at the beginning of the semester when I paid for first and last month rent. I got to pick out my parking spot and everything was pretty perfect as far as that was concerned. Come December we were told that they were going to be reselling all the parking spots on a first come, first serve basis. Basically, if you wanted to have a parking spot you needed to come and buy it again. They assigned a Saturday as the first opportunity for people to go buy them and said they would be selling them from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning. That morning I woke up around 8:30 and checked my email only to discover that each and every parking spot had been sold by 8:00. As in, there had been a preformed lined and the girl who got there at 8:00 got the very very last spot.

I have several problems with this whole situation. The apartment complex where I live doesn't have enough parking spots for everyone (first problem), so I can understand the need to resell available parking spots. However, it seems a little ridiculous to resell all of the spots rather than just the available ones (which there were several of). It's not as if people who had parking spots the first semester are just going to get rid of their cars mid-school year and not need their spots anymore (second problem).

So, here I was, car in hand, trying to figure out what on earth I was going to do this semester. If this had happened last semester it wouldn't have been a big deal because I didn't need to drive my car very often. This semester though, I have two internships and so I knew I would be driving to those on a regular basis early in the morning.

My roommate Cami (in the same situation) and I decided that we wanted to move because this was just the culmination of a variety of complaints that we had with the apartment that semester. So we hunted for several weeks and found another place we really liked, but at the last minute decided it wasn't worth it to move. I resigned myself to trying to find parking on the streets around my apartment, knowing that early in the mornings I would have to trek to my car, clean the snow off, and then drive to my internships.

As this semester dawned I gave it a shot parking around on the street and it wasn't too bad, but still a little ridiculous. The other day though, another of my roommate (who had been lucky enough to get a parking spot on that infamous Saturday in December) told me that she was going to be selling her parking spot because she couldn't fit her SUV into the spot that she was given (I believe she may have been the last person in line that day). I immediately snatched the opportunity and now have a cozy little spot between the wall and a poll down below. This may not seem like a big deal (and it really isn't), but the release of stress that remained over the issue for me makes it one of the most significant events this semester.

So, if I ever complain about my roommates, just remind me of this situation and I'll remember that I really have so many reasons to be thankful for the ones I have!

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