Thursday, January 7, 2010

Attention Span

I've noticed recently that my attention span may not be as long as I would like it to. Over the past several years I've had classes that were normally about 50 minutes long. Occasionally there would be one or two that were closer to 90 or 100 minutes long. But those were usually fewer and farther between. And often they were dance classes so the time flew by anyway.

Somehow this semester is different. Of my six classes four of them are over an hour long. And they're all in a row on the same days. There are breaks between a few of them, but never substantial recovery time.

So, the first one usually goes alright and the second, only a little slow. Then I have an hour break (at which time I usually zip home to get something to eat (getting both exercise and food)) and am then back in the classroom. That third class usually feels about like the second, but my the time I make it to my forth class, it is all I can do to pay attention. I haven't fallen asleep in class yet and don't really expect that to happen, but I'll have to watch myself a little more carefully this semester to prevent it.

In the meantime I need to be practicing activities that last longer than an hour...need to boost that attention span and make it go a little bit farther...there has to be some way to boost the signal....

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