Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Romance Nothing Else Matters

Freshman year of college I went to musical performance including all of the music performance groups at BYU. This included all of the choirs/vocal groups as well as all instrumental groups. I just remember that my favorite piece of the whole evening was a cello choir that did a Metallica song. I tried to look it up right after the performance, but I seem to remember that I had a really difficult time finding the right song, especially a version performed by cellos.

Recently my parents were listening to Apocolptica and I couldn't help but remember that song from that performance years ago. I still don't know what song it was, and I'm still looking for it, but of the Apocalyptica songs which I've heard most recently, here are two of the best ones.

(Apocalyptica - Romance)

(Apocalyptica - Nothing else matters)

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