Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: New Year's Resolutions?

There is always lots of talk this time of year (either the end of the previous year or the very beginning of the next (you choose)) of goals and resolutions for the coming (or recently present) year. I usually pay it no mind, since [insert some significant percentage] of New Year's resolutions are spoiled by [some time around the 17th of January or so]. However, since I've never really made any resolutions, I figure it may be time to try my hand at it and see how long I last.

With that in mind, here are a few things which I'd like to try and do this year (2010)(in case you were wondering)(which you probably weren't):

-Write more in my journal. I love writing in my journal. Some years I've done a great job writing every day, others not so much, so I'd like to try and write at least six out of seven days a week.
-Run more. I know, I know, how cliche is that? However, I'm training for a half marathon in May (and I didn't train very well for it this past year (a fact which I am determined to alter this go around)) and I'd like to run more in preparation for that. I'm thinking I'd like to run at least three days a week, though depending on how well that goes, maybe bump that up to four days a week.
-Not buy ice cream or licorice. The last one was cliche and this one is just bad, but I have this horrible problem that when I buy a few certain varieties of sweets they disappear remarkably fast. I'm not swearing off eating them, but I am going to avoid buying them for myself. I might add tootsie rolls to that list....
-Finish my undergraduate. There. Now there is at least one which I'll really have to try to mess up. As for graduate studies, well, let's not go there yet.
-Visit Oklahoma. Last one. No excuses.

I'm sure there are other things which I should be marking down in my little list, but I'm happy with this. We'll see what happens and what doesn't!

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