Thursday, December 31, 2009

As the year dies....

I'm trying to remember everything that has happened this year and it is a little difficult to try and quantify the success of this years ventures since they were so fluid to begin with.

Let's see, I was able to successfully complete two more semesters at BYU. I suppose that is a good thing. This was the first summer I didn't go anywhere, but instead worked the entire summer in Utah for BYU Grounds. Mowing grass and weeding may not sound very appealing, but it was actually very satisfying and therapeutic. I could always see instant results and they were almost always beautiful. This will be the ten month mark of working for BYU Grounds. Do I stay? Do I go?

Hari Krishna Festival of Colors, of course.

I acquired (?) another niece this year. Not a result of my own efforts. But she is very cute. And I am very biased.

I ran a half-marathon for the first time this year. I've got plans to make that a regular event. It was pretty awesome.

I saw the live production of The Scarlet Pimpernel. "Sink me...." Amazing!

I got my first henna tattoo this year. So cool! I just wanted it to last a little bit longer...

I visited my 49th state, Alaska! Just need to take a trip to Oklahoma some time....

I danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller at this year's "Thrill the World" in Toronto, Canada. Take time to dress up as a zombie. It's worth it.

I moved back in with some amazing roommates. Not that old ones were bad, but the new ones are awesome.

For some reason when I try to remember what I've done over the last year, there aren't tons of things that come to mind. I know I was busy, and that it was a good year, but sometimes the details and events seem to disappear from my mind. I'm looking forward to this coming year with a little worry, since I don't know if I'm entirely prepared for it, but also with excitement for the opportunity to try some new things.

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